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Tai kasmet Varðuvoje vykstanti konferencija. Ádomi tuo, kad praneðëjams 
nereikia mokëti mokesèio ir juos nemokamai apgyvendina.

Gintautas Grigas

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Tema: 	The Translation and Localization Conference 2017: Level up! Weÿre 
waiting for your talk
Data: 	Wed, 17 Aug 2016 11:37:53 +0200
Kas: 	The Translation and Localization Conference 
<info at translation-conference.com>
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Dear Colleague,

Here at the TLC 2017 headquarters, we hope youÿre having a great summer. 
Weÿve been working a bit behind the scenes to bring an even better event 
next year.

Right now, weÿre looking for great and interesting speakers. Quite 
provocatively, weÿd like to focus this yearÿs TLC on helping our guests 
to become better in a measurable way. ´Level up!¡ as our theme for 2017 
aims to provide everyone with a more advanced scope for thinking and 

You can read the details of our call for papers 
<http://mail.send-email-campaign.de/c/uw0lq2o65u/3m95mn09ey/> here and 
if you think you can contribute, please do get in touch with us. Or 
maybe youÿve heard of or met someone who youÿd like to see presenting at 
TLC 2017? Weÿre waiting for your suggestions at 
info at translation-conference.com 
<http://mail.send-email-campaign.de/c/83tmn8typv/3m95mn09ey/> by *30 
September 2016*.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The organising team




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